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Our members have put their heads and green thumbs together to create some enjoyable activities for you to enjoy outdoors! We hope through these pages you will discover the countless delights and wonders that only Mother Nature can provide. We also hope that you will learn how you can help keep our beautiful world healthy and all the creatures in it happy too! We are so lucky to live in a place where the beauty of nature is as close as our doorsteps!


Click on the topics listed on our home page to access a wealth of ideas and information about plants, butterflies and pollinators, ponds and birds.  Each topic features discovery suggestions followed by suggested answers and resources in the “Discover More” tab. 


The Picnic Table is your gathering place to share ideas for activities, observations and other thoughts.  Use the Contact tab to share content you would like to see posted.  

We also want to give special thanks to those who contributed to this project, including Adrienne Caruso, Ceil Santillo, Debra Tetrault, Deborah Prutzman, Joyce Rannestad, Marilyn Mehr, Marnee Straiton, Rudy Simari, and Toddy Benivegna.


Let us know how you were able to enjoy these ideas.  We’d love to hear from you, so we can plan to do more for our lovely towns in the future!




Estelle Mackenzie

President,  RBGC