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Native vs non-native:  What is the difference?


A native tree is a type of tree that has always grown in a particular locality. A non-native tree is generally introduced by humans and comes from another part of the world. 



What are the most common native trees in Connecticut? 

The Connecticut Tree Protective Association lists the ten most common native trees in Connecticut here: https://ctpa.org/connecticuts-native-trees/.



How many types of birds, animals and insects does one large oak support?

The mighty oak tree is native to Connecticut and supports over 460 caterpillars.  The links and books below explains why this is important:



https://www.natureworkseverywhere.org/resources/pollinator-garden/ (This a garden tip sheet for grades 3 to 12)

Book recommendations:  "Bringing Nature Home" and "Nature's Best Hope" by Prof. Doug Tallamy, University of Delaware

See also, http://www.plantnative.org/rpl-nes.htm