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Does a flower garden need to be in the sun or can it be in shade? 


Flowering plants can thrive in all types of environments.  More information on this topic can be found in “Right Plant, Right Place”


What are some of the favorite flowering plants that grow in our area? 

For more information, consult the Native Plant Trust interactive planner, which is here: https://plantfinder.nativeplanttrust.org/Plant-Search.  


Can I enjoy wildflowers?  


Absolutely!  Check out the magical native flower garden at the Native Plant Trust, http://www.nativeplanttrust.org/visit/garden-woods/. Also check out their native flower sanctuaries: http://www.nativeplanttrust.org/visit/native-plant-sanctuaries/.  See also, https://www.ct-botanical-society.org/Gardens/view.


Where can I buy flowering plants and seeds? 


We are blessed with an abundance of local nurseries.  In addition, plants and seeds can be obtained from the following: 





In addition, the following resources are all in Connecticut, are reliable for natives and/or responsibly grown: